About The Anonymous Photo Project

The Anonymous Photo Project is about discovery, and chance.

An inviting package is left in a public spot where you are bound to find it. You have no idea who left it, even though s/he could have left it only seconds earlier. Is it the man in the cap walking down the street? The couple driving off to their next destination?

It's almost as if you were chosen to find the package, and be invited to participate.

What's in the package? You see a disposable camera through the festive overwrap. What's it about? Time to open it up and discover more: the camera, an envelope with enough postage to get the camera to an address in Canada, and a sheet of instructions.

The instructions inform you that you're to take pictures with the camera and mail it in the envelope. Nothing else is explained — no reason or anything...

Do you do it?

So far 131 cameras have been left in public places around the world. 35 have been returned. Are you willing to make it one more? Yes!

You fill the camera up with pictures and stick it in the mail. After a period of time, we receive it. We have no idea what kind of pictures there will be, nor whom they're from. If we're lucky, we may be able to decipher the postmark.

We develop the film and discover the gifts you've given us. Then we put them on anonymousphotoproject.com for you to come and see!