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Camera #71

June 17, 2007
Hudson River Park Bikeway and Walkway
New York City, New York

June 25, 2007
Returned in 8 Days

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July 22, 2007 4:00 pm PDT - by Mr. Anonymous
There's something up with the people in New York City. 15 cameras have been unleashed there, and so far, Cameras #62 + #72 have come back as per normal, but 3 cameras have come up against interesting circumstances.

Camera #69 was smashed and mailed back.

The envelope for this camera was returned with nothing in it, and it wasn't an accident in transit, as the envelope had never been sealed.

And, another, unknown camera ended up in The City of New York Police Department Property Clerk's hands, who then sent me a very official letter giving me instructions on how to retrieve it.

Out of all the other cameras that have been left around the world [okay, Canada and the US], only one other has been similar - #19, which was left in Salt Lake City, Utah, and was returned blank.

Intriguing, very intriguing indeed.

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