Help Spread the Project
Do you want to become hands-on part of The Anonymous Photo Project? There are a couple of ways – find a camera, or help place cameras for other people to find.
Cameras. Packages. Postage. Picture Developing. The costs add up. If you'd like to help out the Project, we would definitely appreciate any support you can give. All donations will go to the costs of the Project, and helping it spread – by buying more cameras and getting them out there!

Thank you to all of the following people! They have helped to spread The Anonymous Photo Project, by placing cameras for everyone to discover.

Placer(s)Home Country# of Cameras
Mr. AnonymousCanada53
Eileen Darts & Dave DartsU.S.A.15
The GirlU.S.A.8
Araica McPhee & Glenn McPheeCanada7
Cassandra GierdenCanada7
Anonymous & Pam KillinCanada6
John L.U.S.A.4
Paula Gillgannon & Erin GillgannonCanada3
Valerie Thai & Roger AllenCanada3
Emmi JormalainenFinland3
Jeannette Ordas & Cornelius BergenCanada3
Lori Kiessling & Pax LyleCanada2
The HammerCanada1
Christa KaufmannCanada1
Susan HowattCanada1