Help Spread the Project
If you're interested in making your own packages to drop off around your neighbourhood, or even farther afield, please fill in the following form to get all you need to make your own packages. Already, we've had 45 people place cameras in 12 countries around the world. You could make it one more!

You can have one or more people in your drop-off team. For each of the people in your team, please include the following information in the Info & Comments box:
  • First & Last Name.
  • Email Address [this will only be used to contact you about the project].
  • Home City, Province/State & Country.
  • Whether you would like to be an anonymous participant or not.
  • Whether you would like to use a pseudonym or not, and, if so, what the pseudonym is.
  • Whether you would like to have a link to your own personal page, and, if so, the URL of that page.
Please, also indicate how many cameras you would like to place. We will send you information on how to make your own package, and ID numbers to put on the cameras that you will place, along with letters to include in the package.

There are some costs to consider when you are deciding on how many packages that you will make and place:
  • the disposable cameras.
  • the postage to send each camera back to Project Headquarters in Vancouver, Canada. If you're placing the cameras anywhere in the U.S.A, postage will cost about $2 each. If you're placing the cameras in Canada, postage will cost from $7-$12 each.
  • the other items that go into each package: a padded envelope and an inviting clear plastic present bag.
Also, please keep in mind that, generally, there is about a 25%-30% rate of return for the project as a whole. It all depends on where you place it, and who finds it!
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Random Selection
Camera #5
Returned February 11, 2007
Fairview Historical Marker, Highway 50 - The Loneliest Road
Camera #89
Returned November 2, 2007
Bear Paw RV Park, Site 46
Valdez, Alaska